Research of the year

C&EN reviews notable chemistry research advances from 2017

Headlines of the year

C&EN highlights the biggest chemistry stories of 2017

Molecules of the year

C&EN highlights some of the coolest compounds reported in 2017

Top pharmaceutical headlines of 2017

Trump’s tweets, therapeutic T cells, and a turning point for gene therapy were just a few topics that made headlines in 2017

CRISPR gene editing is coming to the clinic

Hematology meeting offers glimpse of clinical trials that will use CRISPR to treat sickle cell disease and beta-thalassemia beginning in 2018

Catalyst treatment could boost exhaust cleanup

Steam treating enhances platinum’s durability and knack for scrubbing CO from engine emissions

How to know whether a second postdoc is right for you

Chemjobber reviews what chemists should consider when deciding whether to take an additional postdoc

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