June 28, 2017
With backing from new owner, Swiss firm looks to boost sales to China
June 26, 2017

Science & Technology

June 28, 2017
The spice molecule activates a cold-sensitive ion channel in neurons and could help extend menthol’s cooling effect
June 28, 2017
A six-year comparison of organic versus conventional onions shows higher levels of phytochemicals thought to promote health

Government & Policy

June 28, 2017
Distributor of pirated papers loses to Elsevier, faces new suit from American Chemical Society
June 26, 2017
Commonly used plasticizers would be prohibited at levels greater than 0.1% by weight in most products

ACS News

June 28, 2017
Yi Cui and Melanie Sanford win $250,000 prize
June 26, 2017
Washington, D.C., August 20–24




May 29, 2017
National Science Foundation data show slight increases in 2015 for academic chemistry research

Career & Employment

June 13, 2017
Balancing career aspirations with family obligations
June 5, 2017
A fascination with organ transplantation inspired this ‘biohacker’ to cofound her own company


June 26, 2017